The Ryan Briere Foundation

Working continuously to support and better the lives of children.

Like most families with young children, our days were full and very busy. Between school, daycare and various sports and activities for two young boys, we were always on the go. All of this "chaos" came to an abrupt end on January 11, 2011 when our youngest son, Ryan Alexandre passed away. This, just 3 weeks before his 3rd birthday.

As we attempt to put our lives back together and carry on, we quickly realized that the best way for people to experience Ryan’s generosity and energy and to continue his work was to create a foundation that will be dedicated and devoted to helping children.

From a very early age, Ryan displayed an advanced awareness of the world around him and genuinely cared about others (go to Ryan’s page to learn more about our son). For us, the path for this foundation couldn’t be clearer; to raise funds for a variety of children’s charities and educational programs.

Through various donations and fundraisers like Ryan’s Run – 5k Run/Walk, The Ryan Briere Foundation will work to continuously support the very thing that Ryan loved the most, children.

Look at the Ryan's Work page to learn more about what help the foundation has provided. If you are interested in Wishing Upon Our Star, please contact us directly at or

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Ryan's Run 2015 is coming up soon.

Visit the event page to see the details, or click to Register below.


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