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Ryan's Run 2011

Ryan’s Run by Sindy Sonshine

The clouds may have been sporadically misting the morning of September 18, 2011 but that didn’t stop the hundreds of people from participating in the first annual Ryan’s Run.

The run took place at Century Park in Vernon Hills. With over 490 registrants and more than 400 crossing the finish line that day, the day was so much more than just another suburban 5k.

The day was planned with a strong vision. It was planned with the idea of giving to our teachers. It was planned with the idea of capturing a spirit. It was planned with the idea of instilling life long memories. It was planned with the grieving hearts of a mother and a father. It was planned with love.

Family and friends, old and new, arrived to walk, run or to participate in the day’s activities. The sound of children laughing could be heard all over the park. Whether it was them jumping and giggling in the bounce house, dancing to the songs coming from the DJ Lou from Personalities or singer Joel Frankel, or immersing their imaginations in Magic by Randy, for those who knew Ryan, it was a day he would have loved.


The Ryan Briere Foundation values the time and energy today’s educators put into developing our children’s minds and fine motor skills. To show our gratitude we would like to honor the dedicated individuals who help mold our children; The Teachers. The Foundation will set up a donation to be used by the teachers of the Goddard School for continuing education. The Foundation is proud to contribute to the growth of today’s teachers.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help you as best as we can.




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